Artificial Insemination Para Nuwang Isna Sagada, Madama ay maik-ikkan id South Central Sagada

Aug. 9,2013-Madama ay maik-ikkan nan artificial insemination nan 9 ay nuwang id Balugan, Sagada para isnan Nuwang.
Nainduce nan 9 ay nuwang d ii-Pide ya I-Bugang isdin Lunes, Aug, 5, kalpasan nan artificial insemination nan 3 ay nuwang di i-Patay, Sagada id ken Gedeng, ay nan technician et si Mr Abe Dugui-is isnan Provincial veterinary office .
Nan AI ay naay et actibidad nan Sagada Livestock and Poultry Raisers Association in partnership with the Provincial veterinary office, ya nan Opisinan nan municipal agriculturist. (Igon Doco)

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