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Makamkamlis earthmoving starts even as Church members seek pause to any road plans

Vestry-led annual parish assembly reached a decision to stop all new land developments at the Mission Compound while a masterplan has not yet been formulated and approved.

In less than a week, however, earthmoving has started at Makamkamlis.

The Mission Compound of the Church of St. Mary the Virgin is an area owned by the Episcopal Church in the Philippines under the watch of the diocesan bishop.

Towards the end of the assembly, the body heard presentations regarding the formulation of a masterplan for the compound.

The bypass road proposed by DPWH passing through Tangeb from Daoangan to Paytokan was also discussed.

With strong opposition to the bypass road coming from those present, the body agreed to halt all development while no masterplan was in place.

The other option to open the bypass road from Makamkamlis to Ato was likewise presented to the body, but with the general understanding that a moratorium on land developments will be adhered to, the suggestion was set aside.

An earthmoving machinery was, however, spotted at Makamkamlis a few days after the assembly agreed to a moratorium. A portion of the slope of Makamkamlis has already been scraped.

It is not yet certain if the roadside earthmoving activity is part of a bypass road construction as no notice explaining the presence of the machinery is visible in the area.