Children who cannot gather firewood and carry the takba, not allowed to join Kayew during Begnas in Sagada

Sagada- Nov. 6, 2013-Children who cannot gather firewood and carry the Takba (The sacred backpack of the i-Sagada), also boys who cannot follow instructions from the elders are not allowed to participate in the Kayew/ emes during begnas in Sagada anymore.

This was agreed upon during the annual meeting of the 3 central barangays of Sagada namely Demang, Dagdag, and Patay in Toking, Demang, Sagada on December 4 of this year.

This year’s meeting was also attended by the barrangay officials of Ambasing.

This meeting usually happens during the Sagangsang which happens every December of each year.

Aside from this, tourists are not allowed to join either or to go near the ritual sites. Tourists are allowed to watch the ceremonies but from a distance so as not to destroy the sacredness of the the ceremony whether they offer donations, tourists are not allowed to take pictures to participate in the rituals.

Mrs. Solidad Belingon, an elderly of barangay patay said during the meeting, “let us not look look at the money offered by outsiders but rather, the good of the community. (Igon Doco)

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