Magic 35- Organized today as an Organic Coffee Organization

After a 2 day training on organic fertilization, insect pest and diseases management and tagging, prunning and rejuvination technique of coffee trees, the “Magic 35 Coffee Organization was formally organized today.

They elected their officers and Lope Busaing was elected as president, Ben Malecdan as vice pres, Annie Sumedca as secretary, Benita Doga-ong as treasurer, Eliza Mayapit as PRO, Brenda Fuchay and Osenio Lay-os as business managers, and Esteban Solang as auditor.

This organization organization is visualized to be a model organization of organic coffee production in the municipality.

this is also a two year project of Science and Technology Community Based Farm and Tecno Mart for two years. (Igon Doco)

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