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‘Missing’ person went to Barlig

Someone alerted by his spouse to be missing actually went to Barlig where there is no mobile phone signal.

Nino Lopez, a tourist who came to Sagada decided to go to Barlig, Mountain Province. Since there was no means of outside communication, his wife thought that he might be missing. Lopez actually left some of his personal items in Sagada and is supposed to return after his trip to Barlig.

Army troops fail to establish detachment in Aguid-Fidelisan area

Residents of two villages in northern Sagada rejected the plan of the 50th Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army to establish detachments in their communities.

The soldiers, commanded by Lieutenant Brian Arcincilla, arrived in Barangay Fidelisan on April 10 and bared their plans to set up camp at the “dap-ay,” … and at the village primary school, both located in the center of the community.

The soldiers said they were there to secure the community following a clash with the New People’s Army at Bandong Hill, which lies on the border of Sagada and Bontoc town, major parts of which are located within Pidlisan and Barangay Aguid. [source]

Previously, government troops supposedly attacked an NPA camp in the vicinity of the two villages, but ended up with two dead and two others wounded on their way back in Dalican, Bontoc.

Fidelisan residents, led by their barangay captain, Jojo Briones, told the troops to set up their detachment outside the community, reminding them that Sagada and its villages have been declared a zone of peace within which no armed military or rebel presence is allowed. [source]

The soldiers, commanded by Lieutenant Brian Arcincilla, tried to stay, but left after the issue was raised with 50th IB commander Lieutenant Colonel Richard Sibayan.

The soldiers went to Aguid and stayed at the gymnasium until Saturday.

Sibayan, in a phone interview, said he agreed to pull out his men, who had come from Abra province, when Sagada Mayor Eduardo Latawan Jr. informed him of the villagers’ opposition.

The two communities where the military planned to set camp are within a greater area eyed for geothermal energy and mining activities.

2 dead, 2 wounded after NPA-military clash in Aguid-Dalican area

A PNP camp in Aguid, Sagada was attacked by a group believed to be belonging to the NPA.

Two policemen were killed and two of their colleagues were wounded when New People’s Army (NPA) rebels, marking their 45th anniversary, swooped down on the camp of the Regional Public Safety Battalion in Sagada, Mt. Province Saturday.

Senior Superintendent Oliver Enmodias, Mt. Province police director, withheld the identities of the slain and wounded soldiers as their relatives still have to be informed about the incident. [source]

The presence of the military batallion and the subesquent attack of the alleged NPA members can be seen as a violation of the peace zone status of Sagada.


Another source mentions that it was the government troops (or police as they being called) that overran two rebel camps, but resulted in military casualties. The the clash that resulted in the deaths and wounding happened in Dalican, Bontoc and not in Aguid, Sagada.

Two rebel camps of New Peoples Army rebels were reportedly overran by policemen aided by the military Saturday, when the NPA was celebrating its founding anniversary celebration.

However, fleeing rebels and reportedly some supporters were able to fire back and killed Police Officers 1 Jefferson Sari and Marcelo Kilasen while Police Officers 1 Romeo Fakat Jr., and Benido Magan were wounded and brought to the Bontoc General Hospital for treatment.

The policemen were met with gunfire at Bandong Hill, barangay Dalican, Bontoc, Mt. Province’s capital town. [source]

Sagadans Oppose Privatization of Mount Tekeng Peak

Sagada- March 1 2014-Lead by the elders and barangay officials of the Eastern barrios of Sagada namely Kilong, Tetepan Sur, Tetepan Norte and Antadao (Kiltepan), the people of Sagada gathered in front of the new municipal building for a rally to oppose the privatization of Mount Tekeng Peak, otherwise known as Kiltepan view point. This happened on the 21st of February 2014.

Tekeng peak is being claimed by Mr. Wilson Capuyan as his property which he bought from the Lamen family.

In the speeches of almost all the speakers who were mostly elders and barangay officials from Eastern part of Sagada, they said “kuwa yon an papel, ngem kuwa mi pay nan daga tay sha san an natagowan mi id kasin. Id Tekeng nan nagapowan di ubi ay kanen mi id kasin” The papers are yours but we own the land since the place was a source of livelihood for us before, where the camote were harvested.

Enrique Palsiw, a barangay kagawad said in his speech that ” the learned people from the Central Parts of Sagada took advantage of the illiteracy of the Eastern people to grab their land by declaring the land as their own.” Asked To whom he was referring to, he said Lakay Lamen, the father of the late alfredo Lamen. He also asked the people from the ather parts of Sagada to help them get back their land.

Mr. Jaime Dugao, the Municipal Indigenous peoples representative said in his speech said tekeng peak cannot be privatized since it is used by the public as “aayagan” where relatives of sick persons go to call for the spirit of the sick, “aapuyan” a place for rituals, pasture land, a picnic ground, camping ground, a view deck for sunrise viewing and the rice terraces below. Places like this are classified as community land in traditional land ownership.

Mayor Eduardo Latawan Jr. Who happens to be from Barangay Kilong thanked all the people who attended the rally and assured the people of KILTEPAN that he will never allow Mt. Tekeng to be privatized even if it will cost him his life. “ Adi kabalin ay aped kuawaen di esa ay Ipugao id Tekeng. Ulay ta sak ikateyan.”

Prior to this, people from Eastern Sagada, Northern Sagada and Eastern Sagada Went to Tekeng somewhere in 2013 to destroy the cemented gate that Wilson Capuyan put up at the foot of the peak, preventing tourists and guides from going to the view deck.(Brenda Doco)

Lallakay iti sentro Sagada, nakarit iti panangituloy kadagiti napipintas nga ugali ken kultura

Sagada-Nov.6,2013-Iti naangay nga meeting ti imili ti sentro sagada idiay toking, Demang, Sagada idi December 4, Kinarit dagiti umili dagiti panglakayen nga agtimpuyog para iti panakaipreserba ken panakaituloy dagiti napipintas nga ugali ken kultura.

Iti nasao nga meeting ket natokar dagiti negatibu a maar-aramid nga possible nga mangbaliw iti napipintas a cultura ken ug-ugali dagiti umili agturong iti panakaperdi dagitoy, a kas iti panagtrabaho latta dagiti sumagmamano nga umili kadagiti talon ken garden uray no tiempo ti ubaya; ti saan nga panang-obsrba iti kinasagrado dagiti ritual a kas iti begnas, wange, dangtey ken dadduma pay.

Adda ti panagbuya nga ti dadduma kadaiti ubbing ken babaros nga makipaset kadagitoy nga ritual saan nga mapan adalen ti kaipapanan dagitoy ken ti kinasagrado da no di ket tapno makapagpapicture ken padasen laeng.
Ti dadduma pay ket umannugot da nga aramiden dagiti peke nga ritual tapno mapicture/ maifilm dagitoy uray awan iti oras ken lugar.

Adda met dagiti panawen nga mapasapa ti panangselebrar ti umili kadagitoy gapu ta adda ti agidunar iti baboy nga mausar, uray no saan pay a napapanawen.

Maar-aramid dagitoy iti diktar dagiti agidunar kadagiti kwarta man wenno baboy.

Ditoy nga Inbaga ni Councilor Jane bawing nga saan kuma nga maipalubos dagiti agshooting iti anyaman a ritual, documentary man dayta wenno saan.

Inbaga pay ni Bawing nga amin kuma nga guides iti Sagada ket maikkan iti oryentasyon no anya dagitirumbeng wenno saan nga rumbeng nga aramiden da ken ibaga da kadagiti bisita kadagitoy nasao nga okasyon.

Inbaga met ni Mrs. Solidad Belingon, Maysa nga retired teacher iti St. Mary’s school ken umili iti Sagada, “saan kuma nga ti kwarta wenno maidunar ti kitkitan tayo no di ket nangnangruna latta kuma ti pagmayatan ti ili.”

Naibaga na pay kadagiti panglakayen nga “ agkaykaysa kayo kuma nga lallakay tapno pagkaykaysaan yo dagiti ibagbaga yo ken tapno kitaen yo no kasatno nga agtultuloy dagiti napipintas nga kultura tayo.” (Igon Doco)

SACGPO Inspect Coffee Farms of Members In Preparation to the Last Phase of the Organic Certification Training

Sagada-Nov. 6,2013-The members of the Inspection team of the Sagada Arabica Coffee Growers and Processors’ Organization (SACGPO) started their coffee farms inspection on December 3, 5 and 6 .
This activity is in preparation for the 4th and final phase of the Organic certification training that has to be completed by any applicant before they can acquire an organic certification.
This Inspection is the second of two series of inspections to ensure that the internal control systems that were agreed upon by the members of the organization are followed/ implemented in their coffee production.
The result of this said inspection will be the basis of the approval committee to approve or dis-approve the application of members to the organization’s organic sertification after this last of four phases of trainings. (Igon Doco)

Asia Indigenous People’s Program, Nangivaluate Kadagiti Naasa nga Women Trainers ken Leaders ti Sagada ken Bontoc

Sagada-Nov. 27-Naurnong dagiti naasa nga women leaders ken trainers ti babbai iti Sagada ken Bontoc Mt. Province idiay third floor ti Dalican Restaurant ditoy Sagada idi kalman, Nov. 26 para iti panagevaluate kadagiti skills ken kaamuan nga inadal da.
Dagiti series of trainings ket naiprogram nga maiyaramid iti uneg ti 2 a tawen, nairugi idi January 2012 ken malpas no December 2013.
Dagitoy nga trainings ket proyecto ti Asia Indigenous People’s Program nga ipatpatungpal ti Cordillera women’s Action, Education, research Center (CWAERC) nga nakabase idiay Baguio, Kapartner da ti Tangguyob people’s Center nga nakabase ditoy Sagada
Ti sinmangpet nga evaluator ket ni Vasuki Jeyasankar, Maysa isuna nga consultant ti Women’s rights ang gender, nga nakabase idiay Batticaloa, Sri Lanka.
Segun kinni Vasuki, Naragsak isuna nga nangsabat kadagiti napanday nga women leaders ken trainers ta nakita na dagiti laing ken kaamuan da babaen iti panagivaluate na kadagitoy. (Igon Doco)

Maika-uppat nga panagadal ti Training of trainors ti babbai iti Mt. Province ken Ifugao, Naangay Idiay Dalican Restaurant ditoy Sagada

Naangay ti maika-uppat nga serye ti Training of Trainors (TOT) idi Nobyemre 25-26.
Sagada- Nov. 27-Naangay ti nasao nga training idiay Dalican restaurant idiay Dao-angan, Dagdag, Sagada.
Daytoy nga panagadal ket inatendaran dagiti women leaders a nagapu iti Bauko, Sagada, Bontoc, ken Ifugao.
Dagitoy serye ti panagadal ket programa ti Cordillera Women’s Action, Education, Research Center (CWEARC).
Segun kadagiti participants iti nasao nga panagadal, dakkel ti naadal da kadagitoy a panagadal, kas iti panagaramid iti resolution, petition, panaglobby, data gathering, ken dadduma pay nga napapateg nga kasapulan nga adalen ken i-practice ti maysa nga woman leader. (Igon Doco)

Miyembros ti Madongo Barrangay Health station, Nagadal ti panagaramid iti Salabat ken Arthritis Ointment

Sagada Nov. 27-Gapu iti kinangina ti agas ken kinarigat ti biag, nagnunumuan dagiti barrangay health workers ken miyembros ti 4Ps iti comunidad ti Tanulong, Madongo, ken Bangaan nga agadal iti panagiproseso home made nga agagas, a kas iti Arthritis Oinment ken Salabat.
Ti arthritis ointment ket napintas nga pang-apros wenno pang-ilot kadagiti parte ti bagi nga apectado iti arthritis tapno maikkat ti panag ut-ot dagitoy.
Dagiti ramen na daytoy nga ointment ket maysa nga parte nga laya, maysa nga parte nga garlic, gawed. Ken lana ti niyog.
Ti met salabat ket napintas nga ipainum kadagiti aguy-uyek ken agpanpanateng.
Ti met ramen na daytoy ket ginger extract ken asukar.
Adda ti 24 participants nga inmattendar iti daytoy nasao nga trainings Ti nagibingay iti panag prepara kadagitoy nga agas ket dagiti volunteer staff ti Tangguyob people’s Center nga nakabase iti Poblacion, Sagada.(Igon Doco)